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Letterland – phonics program delivered in Kindergarten

Letterland is a systematic and explicit phonic literacy resource and has been helping children to read and write for many years.

Letterland features that make it special include:

  • Friendly letter characters provide strong visual memory cues so children learn and retain phoneme/grapheme correspondences quickly
  • Daily blending and segmenting activities which make word-building fast and effective
  • Focused multi-sensory activities to activate all learning channels
  • There is a wide range of resources to help guide teacher’s such as story books, readers, software, posters, games and CDs.  These  aides ensure Letter land is delivered correctly by the kindergarten teacher.
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Sports 4 Kinders – every Tuesday morning for Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond

 ‘Sport 4 Kinders’ is a program that we provide to children that is enjoyable and challenging while ultimately aiming to develop and enhance children’s growth (intellectual and physical).

Firstly and most importantly our aim is for children to enjoy being involved in a fun, physical and learning based program like this. Secondly, the learning capacity that transpires from a program like Sport 4 Kinders is hugh.  All areas (not just gross motor) are exercised throughout the program.

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School Readiness Program

The 4-5 kinder group also run a school readiness program which includes “Letter land” and aims to help families and children make the transition to primary school as comfortable as possible.  We provide support and advice in helping choose a primary school that will best cater to your child’s needs. Also we organise and end of year graduation ceremony to mark children’s transition to school.

Music and Movement

Music and movement are an integral part of each rooms program on a daily basis.  The aim of the music program is to familiarise children with instruments, varied forms of music, dancing and songs as well as group participation and interaction.  Movement develops gross motor skills, co-ordination and cognitive skills.

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Early Years Learning and Development

The Victorian Early Year’s Learning and Development Framework is used to produce programs that provide appropriate activities and experiences that facilitate children’s learning and development. These are based on the needs and interests of individual children through observations and weekly evaluation of the program. Parents are able to discuss and sight their child’s progress at anytime with staff or manager at any time.